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Starter Kit

Starter Kit
CLAY POT STARTER KIT - 2.5L cookware with a FREE 1L water bottle and a FREE dahi handi
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A set of three Clay wares. We advice first time users to start cooking rice and dals in clayware before cooking other dishes. Along with these you get a FREE water bottle and FREE dahi handi.** Please note these are handicraft items. There could be minor size and colour variations than what hav..
Ex Tax:₹1,350.00
These unglazed clay pots are: 700ml, 1 liter, 2 Liters. This is mostly purchased by first time users. Use the large pot to cook rice, medium for pulses and small for setting curd.All these pots can be used for reheating in microwave. **Please note these are handicraft products and there co..
Ex Tax:₹1,700.00
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